Using Video Storytelling in Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Using Video Storytelling in Your Social Media Campaign

Audiences are different now and watching a commercial on television for them isn’t the same as it used to be. The old ways of making commercials that just told them how wonderful the product or service is and they need to buy it has lost its value. Today’s TV watchers are looking for something different. In comes video storytelling.

Using the Storytelling Element – Why Video Storytelling?

Stories are relatable, and people connect and learn better with storytelling. Storytelling was handed down generation to generation verbally, in times when writing wasn’t an option. These stories endured throughout time. This concept dates back to … well, no one knows, but during caveman days they drew pictures on the cave wall to tell their stories as well as the Bible which tells stories and parables. Indigenous people told stories verbally to keep their teachings alive.

Present forms of storytelling, of course, include books and movies. The general organization of these follow what is called The Heroes Journey, which has the introduction, the protagonist who has a goal, hurdles the protagonist goes through which cause tension or conflict, a climax or crisis point and a resolution and growth. This process can, though, make story line a bit obvious.

So what about video storytelling? What kind of a story can we tell through video?

The point behind video storytelling is to connect with and involve the watcher, and online videos are becoming even more widespread because they work. As well, they are more concise than a sales pitch. An engaging story through video is more apt to be shared, liked and get comments, and they have a better chance of going viral and being remembered.

The way video marketers are helping their clients is by finding out the stories behind their businesses which assist them to connect in a more profound way. They can then transform the story into a video that looks more like an award winning movie and can be very cost effective.

Making a Video

Here is a process that will help tell the story for your client that will produce amazing results for them. And, it will help them and their business connect more closely with their audience. The following are steps to take through the process that will allow the video to be successful.

1. Make sure when you decide what you want the story to be that you only pick one message, no more, which keeps your audience more engaged and focused.

2. Who is your client? Find out who your target audience is, and that is who the video is for, not just anyone. When you collect the information, be sure to frame the story to that audience. To give your client an opportunity to not only engage them but connect.

3. Your next step is a call to action. What is it that you want your target audience to do? Your call to action can include a link to a donation or petition page, signing up for a gift or sharing/liking the video on Facebook. There are many options to choose from, so be sure to pick the ones that best suit the need of the client.

4. Verify that the video is simple. Make it clean and to the point. You don’t have to use jargon and people don’t have the time and won’t sit through a lengthy video, anyway. It doesn’t have to tell them about everything. Sometimes, as the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Go with your heart, and it will touch theirs.

5. A story is like a journey, take your audience on one.  You give them the opportunity to go somewhere that they can’t go themselves. A great story will bring the watcher back changed in some way.

Combining Storytelling, Video, and Social Media

How does combining telling a story on video help connect with your audience on social media? What other ways can you engage with them using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others?

Who better can tell your story than your customer? They have connected with you and purchased a product or used your service. They love you, and people believe their friend when they share something that works. For that reason, post video stories directly from your customers so you can build a personal connection with other viewers.

You can also tell personal stories, do a documentary style video, or use an interview to draw stories out from leaders in your industry, your partners or customers. You could also create an animated story or show your viewers how to do something possibly related to your service or what you sell.

All of these ideas can be used on social media or your blog to build your marketing campaign.

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