Five Ways Using YouTube Videos Will Amplify Your Business
Navigating the ever-changing waters of digital advertising requires a new willingness to embrace the use of YouTube video to better amplify your business. Whether it’s through live streaming of presentations and conferences or the strategic placement of trade-specific videos on the website, the benefit of engaging clientele “eye-to-eye” cannot be denied.

The recent explosion of live-streaming apps like Periscope has forced businesses of all types to “keep up with the Joneses.” YouTube provides the added tool through Google’s ad platform of providing short ads before the desired live stream or video begins. This is another marketing tool that can be taken advantage of in relatively easy fashion. It can be done at low cost in addition to producing an actual video or live stream.

Audience Interaction

There are a number of important strategies to consider when planning for the use of YouTube videos. All of these can only amplify your prospects of growing your business, beginning with how you interact with your audience. Industry experts suggest keeping it short and getting to the meat of your pitch early and often.

“If there is a good speaker, and overall good content, then the video works,” said Ramon Ray, publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine, to “Of course for industries where there is a visual product, video works even better.”

Personal Branding

Ray also points to the importance of the company’s personal brand coming through in the video. In other words, creating that connection with the audience that allows them to feel comfortable doing business with you. The best way to accomplish this with YouTube videos is to be engaging and informative. Do this to the point where the viewers feels like they actually learned something. Then they feel compelled to become a customer.

Get Creative With YouTube Videos

Another way to ensure that you are getting the most out of YouTube video for your business is to take advantage of the myriad tools out there designed to spruce up the finished product. Nothing turns off a potential client more than a cheesy commercial or video. Think just about every local car dealer commercial you see on television. Being creative, but not boring and over the top can only amplify your ability to reach a broader audience.

No Expiration Date

Don’t be afraid to use YouTube videos as teasers for a pending product launch. You can also draw more inbound leads to your business by promoting an upcoming webinar. Sam Ovens, an internationally known digital marketing expert, encourages this approach. He also told why he thinks that YouTube remains the top destination for the business marketplace.

“YouTube is the best place for video content because it lives on after the moment and can be found by others searching online years after it was created,” Ovens said.

Thanks to that timeless aspect of YouTube, new clients can be had long after your initial marketing campaign was put in place. That decision to use YouTube video for your business is then further validated. There is no expiration date on the strategy.

Unlike traditional advertising, digital advertising and marketing puts the business owner totally in control. You can keep your YouTube video up on the site as long or as short as you want to without being handcuffed by the length of an advertising contract. By using YouTube videos for your business, you also get to decide the frequency with which you change the content and the number of different videos to be posted. In addition, you have the ability to have customers submit video testimonials.

Multi-Faceted Approach

Ramon Ray introduced an acronym he came up with for business owners to follow when considering how and when to shoot and post their videos. That acronym is FREA (Frequency, Relevance, Engagement and Analytics). He places the highest priority on frequency, for example identifying a specific day of the week when your audience knows to expect a new video. Once that day has been chosen, the next step is to focus on what you will be posting and its relevance in the marketplace, followed by how you are going to engage your audience and finally the platform from which you are going to find your analytics.

What makes and has made YouTube so appealing for businesses using video to attract clients is how easy it is to not only directly engage with your audience through the comments section but now also during live streaming. Although other apps like Snapchat and Instagram are growing in popularity, they are more conducive to short form “teaser” videos, whereas YouTube can be a platform for those same types of videos in addition to a longer form. You have the flexibility to post a 20-minute lesson that will make your business truly stand out.

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