Our Process





Well, first we want to hear from you; learn a little bit about your company, what you’re working on, and how you see us helping you.  Nothing too in depth, just a few lines or a quick phone call.

You can call us on 561.819.8151, or email info@bravemanmedia.com

Next, we usually like to sit down and talk to you.  We can come to you, or you can visit our studio, or if you’re out of the country we’ll set up a Skype conference.  This is the beginning of the exploratory phase.  We want to find out about your product or service, about what makes you tick and what you already know so we can help you tell the world about it.

These meetings are super helpful.  A lot of the time we have the beginnings of a concept after this initial meeting.  Either way, we will go back to our studio and start to put together a TREATMENT.  This is usually a written document (about a page), which outlines how we think your video should look and feel.  We’ll explain why it’s right for you and your market, and what we will need to get it done right.  If the treatment is more involved, especially if you are thinking of launching a brand new campaign, we may be paid for this part, which is called the CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT.  Once we move forward on the project the money will be factored into the rest of the budget – cos we’re nice guys. #That’sHowWeRoll.

What type of companies do we work with?  Well, the easy answer is ‘the cool ones’.  The majority of our clients are larger regional companies or smaller national firms.  However, we do work with several Fortune 500 companies as well as a few exciting startups.  Budgets are not always the most important factor for us; we do care about what you’re doing and how we can make it look spectacular.

Of course, that brings us to the subject of how much will your video cost?  Good question.   It’s free!!!

Okay, it’s not free.  We wish it could be, but these things cost real money to do right.   It’s tough to say how much your video will cost until we have figured out the concept and how we plan to execute it.   When it comes to making videos, we are essentially a Creative Agency and a Production Company rolled into one.  We have a really strong creative team with almost half a century in filmmaking experience between us.   This is what makes us stand out from the crowd, and is what will make you stand out from the crowd too.  From concept, to planning, to the shoot, all the way through to editing, special effects, graphics, animation, and music, we take care of it all.  There are no hidden costs.  We’ll say that again; there are no hidden costs.

Just so you know, when we shoot a commercial we might have a crew of anywhere from 20-40 people, all of whom are experts in their field and are there to make you look awesome.  Then there’s locations, wardrobe, permits, the list goes on.  So a video might cost more than you thought it would, but what we can say is this; no matter what your video costs we will make sure it looks like it cost a hell of a lot more (which is what you should tell your friends).    Generally, you’ll be able to have these bragging rights on your fantastic video 6-8 weeks after our initial meeting.

Who makes the videos? Great question. Damian Fitzsimmons co-founded the company and is our Creative Director.  Damian directs a lot of our videos, but he also works with a handful of supremely talented filmmakers who direct as well.

By operating as a Creative Studio, we’re able to work with a larger number of clients doing neat things because there are a lot of you out there and we love to work with you all.

And that’s how it works.  Trust us, it’s going to be great.